Stay in a moose

Chainsaw artist Sören Niklasson, in collaboration with Wrågården and a bunch of talented craftsmen created a nature like living where you stay in a moose / close to the animals.

The cottage has many fun and exciting details that make this accommodation a unique experience for both big or small.
The cottage is located outside in our elk and fallow deer park, so you live in the midst of the animals.

The cottage has 5 beds, with a three-story bed where the bottom is a double bed, the middle is a single bed and a double top.

WC and shower can be found in the stone cottage beside cottage.

Outside cottage is a cozy barbecue porch, with views of elk and fallow deer park. Here you can keep track of where the animals bathe and maybe an apple or sly feeding them when they want to come and “talk”!

Moose bull

Moose cow




The Porch of the cabin is more or less in the elk and fallow deer paddock.