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Bachelor and Bachelorette party

We have many suggestions for activities for Bachelor and Bachelorette party.

Bachelorette activity

Bubble alternative rosé testing (here you try three varieties takes about 60 min) + 5 matches + picnic basket
You eat the picnic basket if the weather permits otherwise in our “chicken house”!

It contains

– Pasta salad or potato salad
– Chicken skewers
– Cold cuts from the yard
– Herb sauce
– Bread & butter
– Coffee & something sweet
Price per person 570 SEK

(Can also combine your own proposal)


We jointly compose the five-fight that suityour company best, fanciful or a little quieter.
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Whiskey/beer tasting

We organize tastings of beer, whiskey or chocolates.
The tasting takes place is our hen house, where you willbe guided in the world of tastes. Groups of at least 10 people.

Small test
Time: about 1 hour where you try three different varieties.
Large test
Time: about 2 hours where you try 6 different varieties.
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Paintball is really something for those of you who want to experience exciting, action combined with tactical thinking and group solidarity. Paintball is a given success on Bachelor and Bachelorette party.
Our paintball course is open for bookings
groups of at least 8 people.
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Football Golf is an enjoyable activity that suits them most of the family or the company.
Our course has 18 holes where the length varies from 10 to 110 meters.
Game time for a round average around 1-2 hours.
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Hunting and Shooting Simulatorr

Our hunting/shooting simulator is unique in the market.
No other product can demonstrate the same width as Simway Hunt.
With countless duel branches and event functions, analysis functions for shooting and hunting, as well as market-leading graphics, this is undoubtedly the best product in all categories.
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